Introduction To Fusion360

Introduction To Fusion360

If you are looking to get started in Autodesk’s Fusion360, or you just want a complete course to tackle all the aspects of this amazing software you have come to the right place!  Follow along as the team covers everything from basic sketching to Simulation and CAM.  This course also offers knowledge tests along the way and a SolidBox Certificate for completing the course.

Course Information

Author Information

Matt Perez



Chapter 1: Basic Overview of the Program

Chapter 2: Workflow #1 – Import and Edit Models

Chapter 3: Workflow #2 – Sketch Based Model

Chapter 4: Workflow #3 – Base Feature

Chapter 5: Workflow #4 – Forms

Chapter 6: Workflow #5 – Hybrid

Chapter 7: Assemblies

Chapter 8: Collaboration

Chapter 9: Render

Chapter 10: Animations

Chapter 11: Simulation

Chapter 12: CAM

Chapter 13: Drawings

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