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Intro to Fusion 360 Live!

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After a long time our first Certification course is live.  There were several back end issues keeping us from releasing it but its ready to go!  After completion of this 10hr course and passing all quizzes with an 80% or better you will receive a SolidBox Certified Level 1 Professional certification.  If you have any issues with the course, quizzes or certification please let me know ASAP.


note. there is currently an issue with the “Print” dialog for printing the certification.  They can be viewed but if you need to print one after completion it can be emailed to you.

FREE 4 hour Sub D Surfacing Tutorial LIVE!

I am happy to announce that I have added my 4hr Power Surfacing for Solidworks tutorial on making a concept car body.  Modeling a car is something everyone wants to do.  I have done several tutorials on cars but this was the first one using SubD surfacing inside of Solidworks.  Check it out for free and model this car for yourself!  The series will give you a great foundation as well as the complex tools needed to create your SubD surfacing projects in the PS add-in for Solidworks.


Concept Render7





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We are excited to finally open up the site!  We still have tons of content to add and new content coming all the time.  Keep your eyes peeled for free and pay content in all sections of our site.  If there is something specific you want to see let us know.  If we don’t have it we can make it.  And please report any issues to and we will handle them ASAP.



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Fusion 360 Full Course Coming Soon!

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Our Fusion360 course will be live soon.

New Courses Going Live SOON!

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Soon you will get to experience the awesomeness that is SolidBox TV!  Join us as we introduce new content.

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